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About Us

Humanity 4 Humanity is a movement.  It is an effort to move people toward a lifestyle anchored by love for one another no matter our color, creed, religion, or other identifying measures.  We believe that judgement is the catalyst of hate and from that ideal, we created our “More Love, less judgement” line of apparel and accessories.  The goal behind this is to allow our clothing to be a reminder to ourselves of how we wish to live our lives and a billboard for others to consider living this type of life. 

To take it a step further, we wanted to make this a business that supports those in need as a way to say thank you for the countless blessings in our lives.  A percentage of the profit from each sale (15% to be exact) is donated to the Salvation Army.  They are a tireless non-profit that provides support for those in need around the world.  Unlike many non-profits, they work on thin overhead, so the vast majority of every dollar donated actually goes toward getting the important work done of caring for our fellow humans in need.

“Humanity” means everyone.  Nobody gets left out.  If you were born and you are human…congratulations, you are part of the team!  You deserve to be loved and we feel it’s your obligation to love in kind.  It’s Humanity 4 Humanity.

Love begets love and judgement begets hate.  More Love, less judgment means better “Humanity”


Hum4nity Team